8 better ways to make and study flash cards

Last Update on November 20, 2018

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The flashes are one of the classic research tools, and for good reasons, they promote training through.

However, many students use flash cards … well, I don’t mean to use them.

  • Make them so that only memory is used.
  • Creating complex maps that have no power.
  • Use of flash cards or use them when another tool or method of investigation would be more effective.
  • I want to help you avoid the mistakes that can be made.

    Perhaps you are currently studying a topic that might also benefit from a flash-map study, so it would be useful to learn the best practices for producing and learning these flash cards ..

    In this article, I will move to eight of these best practices. Let’ s forget …

    A lot of people like to share their flash cards, and there are also many applications and programs of flash cards that will allow you to download pre-made decks and start learning instantly …

    I think that you can use the cards you have previously made.

    One of the most important and essential elements of the learning process is:

  • Get new information.
  • He’s in the brain.Creating something new with it-your own words, pictures and methods of explaining this information.
  • This creates the.

    If you are using preloaded Flash cards, you skip the entire process. In most cases, the time you save is not worth …

    Plus, by deciding to make their own flash cards, it is possible to customize them and make them better. The next four tips will show you how …

    Adding images to your maps can make them much more memorable.

    In cognitive psychology there is a concept called.

    When we think about it from an evolutionary standpoint, it has a complete feeling; written language was about 5,000 years old (and.

    However, this does not mean you should.

    “Once the photo is presented, it improves the attention and, perhaps, the rehearsal for the presentation of the picture after its display.”

    By adding descriptive proposals-or even separate terms-with pictures, you can increase the capacity of the brain to remember what you are studying ..

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    In preparation for this article, I decided to start learning and memorize the periodic table of elements ..

    I thought it would be a fun challenge, since I never took chemistry in high school, and I find science a lot more interesting now than then. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to make my own flash cards, which I was able to use as examples here …

    You can see some of my chemistry cards above-and you might think they look a little strange. What the hell are the sketches doing with the elements?

    Here’s how they are:

    Classic mnemonic that almost everyone knows-ROY G. BIV-abbreviation that helps remember the order of colors in the spectrum of the visual spectrum. Rhymes do good mnemonics, too. You must have heard this:

    In 1492, Columbus went into the ocean of blue …

    That rhyme doesn’t change.

    In addition to acronyms and rhymes,

  • Neo Cortex, who has a big one.
  • Miracle and debauchant your associations, the easier it is to remember them. That’s because your brain is designed to remember things that aren’t ordinary. He easily removes such bags as chit-chat, which you bought in the morning coffee, or that Ninja Turtle was in the underwear that you delivered this morning …

    So feel free to make your pictures crazy, and remember that you make these maps for you, no matter what associations make sense to other people. They have to make their own maps …

    Let’ s just pretend for a second that you’re in the history class. I mean, why not you? Airplanes are awesome …

    In any case, you are now.

    So you pull the flash card. On the front, you write, “First plane.” Then, on a reverse basis, you include several facts:.

  • You are using a chainine drive.
  • and that’s it, you’re a proud owner now.

    If you include several facts on one card, you are likely to work in.

    It happens when you think you know something that you don’t do at all, a situation that usually occurs when your brain errors.

    When you study a flash card with several facts on it, you risk this error. Tell me you’re pulling the First Aircraft card at a later date. You’re going fast, and your mind can easily pull out the first three facts. Wright Flyer … check! 1903 … double check! flew four times … easy …

    You forgot about the chain drive … but then you flip the card, see it on the list with the other facts and tell yourself:

    “Oh, yes, I knew it.”

    and then you move on. You think you know the card since you got it.

    When you are satisfied that each of your cards contains only one question or fact, you will not be included in this error ..

    This tip is disabled from the previous one, but it is sufficient to have its own place in the list ..

    Some concepts or ideas are too complex to encapsulate in one question. These concepts should be broken down into.

    Let’ s get the map out. I have painted the periodic table so as to represent different groups of elements-which is an excellent way to begin to remember these elements ..

    Technically, we can build one question here:

    “Which member groups in the periodic table?”.

    But turning the map, we see this:

    Once again, we have a card that invites these sands.

    Alternatively, if you made a map that you just asked.

    When I was studying with flash cards in the past, I always studied them-and I did it in silence …

    As a result, I’d be annoyated when my girlfriend asked me to run through my art history with her. Although, I know she’s up to something, if I’m going to get her on the cards, she was forced to say that her answers are out loud, and I’m checking them …

    This is another way to preserve these illusions of competence in the bay, as it was not possible to feed the answers …

    However, if you do not have a friend or are reluctant to agree that you want to do a lot of things, you can get many of the same advantages by simply saying that your answers are out loud before turning your flash cards. Thus, you agree to answer before you check it ..

    When you study your flash cards, make sure you look at them on both sides. In doing so, you will build strong, neural pathways that can be easily traced in both directions. This is how to learn to skate in both the regular and the goffie:.

    For example, the chemical symbol for the beryllie-Be element. If you have a flash card with a symbol and an element name from either side, but you are ever asking yourself, “What does that mean?” you can run the test question, for example:

    “What chemical symbol for beryllija?”

    and breathes from the answer. So you can do this bidirectional, friend …

    Remember that there’s a flash card.

    Instead of using flash cards, you can:.

  • Write an explanation in your own words.
  • Let’ s take a test written by someone else.
  • A lot of practical problems (math strategy).
  • Make maps of your mind or diagram of Venn.
  • The flash cards are very good for you to drill into the relationship between the two pieces of information-but that’s all. This makes them good for learning definitions, dictionary words, and so on. But it makes them special.

    For example, imagine an attempt to know everything.

    In addition, the format of the periodic table is far more effective in terms of studying these figures. By training the groups and using other mnemonics, you can quickly reach the point where the entire table’s memory becomes light. From there you can simply select the box and define its number ..

    I hope these tips will help you make the best flash cards in the future. In the next post, I will look closely at their use.

    Are you looking for more tips?

    If you like this article, you’ll also enjoy mine.

    The book covers topics such as:.

  • Take a minute.
  • Get out of your class.Bring some nice notes.Read your tutorials more efficiently.
  • and a few more. In addition, it has many recommendations on tools and other resources that can facilitate your study.

    If you want to get a free copy of the book, let me know where to send it:.

    I will also keep you updated on new posts and videos that appear on this blog (they will be as good as this or better).

    Anything to say?

    You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

    I’ll join you, and I’ll also send you.

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