8 facebook tips for professional profile

Last Update March 7, 2011

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You’ve seen this before-you are circling your Facebook feed on that or the other night, and go through something like this:

” This party is Shepan! !!! Super dhole !!! 111. “

This, of course, was a friend who is under a legal drinking. Later that same semester, you heard them complain that they can’t get an internship. Correlation doesn’t reveal itself …

Facebook is the world’s largest social media website with over 500 million users.

Do not post unprofessional status updates.

This tip refers directly to the (unfortunately) too real example given above. Too often I will see the status updates in my tape that are so unprofessional or so stupid that they force me to want a friend of my own …

Make your profile picture.

Your profile is the most visible thing in your profile, and it’s one of the things that everyone can see, no matter how tightly your privacy settings are. With this in mind, it is best to make this picture one of you. Photos of cartoons, sunsets and works of art can be fun, but they are not an accurate picture of you. Facebook must be your online presence, and even if it is not the way you use it, this is how it is viewed ..

You can score extra points with your employers if you make your profile professional. If you look at it.

Don’t put the incriminating photos.

As for photographs other than your profile, your sunsets will be much more fun. Facebook, in the end, is about fun and socialization, as it is about professional networks. However, remember what you’re making. Never put anything out that puts you in a flattering (or illegal) light. I would recommend that you fight with photos related to alcohol.

At the end of 2005, 14 students at the State University of North Carolina were in possession of alcohol. How’d they get caught? Police have created fake profiles on Facebook and have been able to access photos of students who drink minors. The consequences of these students were not disclosed, but their example is something that needs to be remembered. Always remember what you put on the internet!

Demonstrating your achievements.As I said, Facebook is your main online presence. This is a place on the Internet where people will see you the most, and where people can form the most powerful connections to you. Why not use this in your own interest, demonstrating its achievements? You can use Facebook as an extension of your résumé: to post pictures of professional events you visited and the speeches you gave, link to your blog or site, and enumerate your achievements on each of your assignments ..

You can also use your wall for this purpose, as it is, in fact, a news feed of your life, make sure you fill it with what put you in good light. For example, I’m putting a reference to every article written on this website, on my wall. These links don’t send a lot of traffic, but they fill my wall better than the update of the Farmville!

Don’t shut the people you don’t know.This should be an explanation, but in reality it is nothing but. The “poke” button is one of the most unused Facebook functions, and I’m not even sure why it exists. Is it a way to flirt, or is it a way to remind other people that you exist when you’re too lazy to write on their walls? In any case, unbutton this button when it comes to people you don’t know. You don’t want to be known as “cooler” …

Configure your privacy settings.

Content that can be considered unprofessional should be limited to your friends. This photo in short shorts and a hat can be funny, but that’s what you want to hide while you’re looking for a job. Fortunately, Facebook allows privacy settings to be configured anyway. Check this out.

You will also want to know how much data the applications can access. Applications like “How Many Kinnapteners Could You Take On On In A Fight?” can be fun, but you know that many of them will capture data that you have in your profile. If you are not comfortable with this data, do not use the application. You can also create a second profile for yourself, which does not have any of the data, and use applications to the contents of your heart. Just make sure that this profile is private, so employers don’t think that your interests are vampire wars and Kwiz Monster …

Not addicted to Facebook.

Facebook is fun, and it can be a good tool for networking purposes if you use it correctly. However, you should spend most of your time on this. The reality is much more fun, and the relationship that you build in real life will be much deeper and more productive ..

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