Freedom leads to the murder of the curse of your productivity

Last updated on October 14, 2013

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There’s a curse you must bear when you’re a businessman. I’d say it’s a big influence on the students, though it’s not.

It manifests itself in a variety of ways: dark circles under the eyes, frustrated outbursts, false personal achievements, failures to hang out with friends on Saturday night, because “I just need to do it.”

The curse is:

As an entrepreneor, almost everything-my life remains for me. It means that everything I do requires me to make a living.

And you know what?

Many of you are probably involved in specific bodies, which are tied to ID-cards, whose information is mirrored in databases that are read by other bodies-all are caught in the web of information that leads to one simple, unable to render:

And someone’s going to.

Those of you who are in this position could do almost everything in my position. To have full freedom of choice, to be able to wake up every day and think, legally, “I wonder what I will do today?”

For those of you who want to be in my position, I usually have two tips:

When people accept these two things in the heart, I have a number of other tips. But this is a theme for another day …

Today, I invite you to look.

Complete freedom invites a number of problems to take their way into the walls of your mind and prevent your progress:

These problems can and may affect almost all. However, there is a direct dependency on the

amount.Psychologist Roy Baumeister made a lot of smart tests with a lot of people. He then fed the data from those tests in. Stop googling ideas for your paper. Join our company , and our writers will generate the best concepts for your essay.

Kaneman summarizes this conclusion in.

” Will or self-control is a tedious action; if you have to do something, you are less prepared, or less capable of exercising self-control, when the next challenge. It’s called a phenomenon.

An interesting thing about the exhaustion of ego is that you can redefine it while there are external incentives that motivate you to do it ..

Simply put, shut up and work when someone threatens.

Unfortunately, when I work, it’s usually not a threat to boot around with me. As a result, depletion of ego often gets the best of me …

It is, of course, easy to wake up in the morning and make a list of cases:

When I make such lists, I usually do.

But then I’ll finish my reviews in kanji, and work on the textbook seems less attractive. I’ll get myself to work, and then two things to check my list …

Next thing you know, I’m looking at my open fridge or a truck from the mountains in.

My salvation is something that’s not true.Mihai Zekssenmihali (another famous psychologist) came up with this.

It is described as “condition without effort so deeply that people lose a sense of time, of themselves, of their problems.”

Being in a state of flux is amazing, and that’s where my best work is. This is very important, too; I can still remember vividly the night of my youngest year, when I arbitrarily decided to redesign this blog. I stayed until 6 in the morning of the next morning coding, wikis and design-everything, not knowing how much time passed by me …

However, the state of the thread is elusive, and I am not always in it. Me too.

Simply take a peak in blogs written by other business owners, I am either friends or fans:

I would say that almost every outstanding blogger who even is

And, or, of course, it isn’t.However, as a blogger in college, I don’t think writing about productivity would be more like a gap of meaning, do you?

Even though you are probably still a student, loaded with classes, projects, clubs, etc. .. You still have a much greater degree of autonomy than high school …

Of course you have to go to class, but your classes are quite possibly spread out in a day. Most students usually don’t have a solid, 7-8-hour class in college. The homework assignment usually gives you more time to complete, and your mom doesn’t yell at you to do it more …

Looks like we got some.

How do we deal with all this freedom and remain productive?

I tell you what we need.

We should definitely not join the army to get this autonomy. But there.

Next week, I’ll explain in detail and show you some specific techniques I’m experimenting with to work better …

But I’d like to hear from you.

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